Alyssa Sparks is the top Pilates instructor in Los Angeles, training everyone from UFC fighters and Hollywood's top celebrities to top industry executives. Her holistic approach to wellness is simple yet effective, focusing on Pilates and nutrition for a strong body and balanced life.

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As a guy who did not know much about Pilates or it’s benefits, I had only taken a couple of Pilates classes prior to taking with Alyssa. Alyssa’s class totally opened my eyes to how great Pilates can be, both mentally and physically. I worked out areas in my core that I had never worked before, and just as you would expect with an exceptional workout, I could feel those muscles the next day! Alyssa keeps you engaged by thoroughly explaining each movement and by demonstrating each step- all with a smile and motivating attitude! Everyone needs to train with Alyssa- she is among the best in the Pilates game!
— Chase F, Public Relations Director
Alyssa is an amazing teacher. Her classes are always challenging and she changes her routines, so even if I go multiple days in a row, I never get bored! Her energy makes the classes truly enjoyable, and her music is always great. Thank you Alyssa for helping me see all the goodness that Pilates has to offer!
— Alison W., CPA
Alyssa is one of the most learned and demanding classical Pilates teachers I have encountered. She is appropriately fanatical about form and squeezing the most from subtle and precise movements. Alyssa’s wealth of knowledge and careful attention to her students translate to an ever-changing class guaranteed to, among other benefits, build lean muscle mass. Her classical rigor is balanced by her delightful and warm personality. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Pilates practitioner, you will feel at once challenged and welcomed in Alyssa’s class.
— Rebecca K, Attorney
Alyssa is literally phenomenal! Barre and Pilates are the two most difficult workouts I have ever experienced in my life, and no matter how challenging the exercises are, Alyssa knows exactly how to keep them enjoyable. She is an inspiring person, a tough teacher, and bright marvelous personality all wrapped into one. Plus she has immense nutritional knowledge to give your body an extra transformation on top of her butt kicking workout. So blessed to have come across her path!
— Murray Gray, Actress
Alyssa’s upbeat attitude and passion for teaching make morning workouts a fun way to start any day.
— - Lisa O.