Alyssa Sparks offers a full-service wellness and nutrition program that is personalized for each individual client and their needs. As a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Alyssa has a balanced approach to overall health and fitness that she practices with her clients. Alyssa believes that the relationship we have with food and the tools that she provides you with will help support and empower your choices to living a health, well-rounded lifestyle. Whether you are looking for guidance to get on your own path to clean eating and overall wellness, gear up for a big event, or are looking to learn to cook and eat clean confidently on your own, Alyssa is here to guide you.

Below are some of the services that Alyssa provides:

  • Personalized Nutrition Counseling

  • Meal Planning and Food Shopping Support

  • Recipe Development

  • Weight and Goal Management

  • Customized Workout and Diet Bundles

  • In-home Cooking and Meal Prep Consultations

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Special Events

  • Online Support